Tiny Dancers

Imagine Dance Hand in Hand

Toddler class

Imagine Dance Hand in Hand is a Tiny Dancers class celebrates the developing pre school age child through exercises that integrate movement, imagination and musical association. We will focus on activities that develop both autonomy and group cooperation in a joyful and loving environment. Because children of this age closely model the behavior of beloved adults in their life, this class requires the active participation of a parent or caretaker. The participating adult is invited to see the world through the eyes of their little one and share in the joys of movement and music.

Rhythm & Dance

Preschool class

Rhythm & Dance is an introductory Tiny Dancers class designed just for preschool dancers. Students will take this class independently along side their peers and under the care of a loving instructor. In class students will be introduced to various types of music and basic body positions found in all styles of dance. This builds a strong foundation for whatever dance style(s) a child will gravitate towards as they grow. Students will develop coordination and musicality through the exploration of rhythm and movement in a joyful and nurturing environment.

“A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks. Music is in our hearts from the beginning.”

~ Pamela Brown

Our Tiny Dancers Classes

Build Confidence and Teaches Communication Skills

Dances gives children an outlet to express themselves physically. It helps shy children gain confidence and highly active children to channel their excess energy and increase self awareness.

Increase Learning and Memory

Children learn more effectively when they can be expressive and connected in their bodies and minds.

Create a Positive Attitude Towards Exercise

Children who are introduced to dance early are more likely to keep practicing movement and creative expression as they grow as children and age as adults.

Foster Happiness

Our bodies naturally express emotions whether through jumping up and down with excitement or slumping over with defeat and dance helps us remember our bodies and helps us live freely and fully. When we are honoring our natural instincts we automatically feel better. Dance makes you feel good because it makes you feel whole and alive.


“I grew up dancing, and learned much more than plies and jetes in the process. Dance helped build lifelong friendships and improved my confidence. I am grateful to Gold Dust Dance for giving my children this opportunity. My three-year-old was so proud to participate in the showcase, and immediately after the performance asked, “when can I go back on stage?!” She now twirls whenever she hears music, and her balance and posture have improved dramatically. This has been a positive experience for our entire family, and we look forward to many more years with Gold Dust Dance!”

~ C.H.