Jazz dance is an energetic style of dance rooted in a blend of African and European traditions. The movement is grounded, technical and strong and pushes students to new limits of physical fitness and musicality.

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”

~ Agnes de Mille

Mini – ages 9-11

Junior – ages 11+

Our Jazz Dance Classes

Fast-paced & High Energy

A typical class utilizes upbeat, rhythmic music. Students will learn to travel across the floor and expand their movements both physically and energetically. This creates an environment that is exciting and stimulating to channel excess energy.

Improve Agility, Coordination & Stamina

Jazz dance requires fine tuned use of foot work combinations that teach weight and directional changes. The fast pace of the class also improves cardiovascular stamina. Students become more agile and aware of their location in space.

Increase Muscle Memory and Mental Focus

Jazz dance training pushes students’ ability to think and execute simultaneously. The blend of intricate movement combinations being performed at a quick pace increases the student’s capacity to think on the spot.

Add Dynamics & Style to Individual Performance

Jazz choreography and style demands a high level of precision, confidence and fun in performance. As students become more proficient in their technical training, they become stronger movers and develop a compelling presence and individual style.


“In the last year, we have watched our daughter’s confidence, presence and awareness blossom in wonderful ways. GDD is a great mix of students from throughout the valley, allowing our daughter to build friendships with peers from lots of other schools who share her love of dance. The Spring Showcase was full of joy and fun for all ages and abilities; just the way dance classes should be. Thank you for giving her the confidence to be her best self!”

~ Susanne Johnson