Creative Movement

Creative Movement is a class that allows children to explore and play with movement. The instructor gives students specific guided exercises and the students are encouraged to express their own interpretation.

Creative Movement classes are available to Primary and Mini level students.


Improv takes Creative Movement to the next level by inviting students to have more agency over their expression. While Creative Movement challenges students to respond to clear prompts, Improv invites students to begin to lead from within. In Improv class, dancers work to be able to dance fluidly for longer periods of time without breaking the flow of energy.

Improv classes are available to Junior level students.

Junior – age 11-14

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.”

~ Ruth St. Denis

Improv & Creative Movement Classes

Promote Self Discovery

Throughout the class students uncover their strengths and artistic voice when they find movement that is enjoyable to them.

Build Confidence & Positive Self Image

Dancers gain confidence as they successfully execute each task. This practice invites the young dancer to feel “at home” in her/his body.

Strengthen Problem Solving & Personal Resilience

When a dancer finds her/himself stuck or awkward they must keep moving. Through this practice they will learn to recover & transition seamlessly – a critical lifeskill.

Build Extended Focus

This skill is developed when a dancer is able to become absorbed in the creative act and can improv for longer periods without breaking the flow of energy

Increase musicality and Musical Appreciation

Heightened awareness to music develops when students have the opportunity to respond organically to various music selections. This creates more appreciation for music and helps the dancer connect her/his movement to the music.


“It is essential that children and adolescents have access to as many avenues as possible to live into their bodies, as our children’s lives have become so sedentary. As a somatic psychotherapist, I believe creative movement, particularly dance, is essential for processing life, generating joy, trying on different ways of “being” in the world, connecting with others, fostering community, and cultivating the mind/body connection. Dance/Creative Movement classes provide the building blocks for self-esteem through opportunities for self-expression and connection.”

~ Jocelyn Jenkins, MA, LPC, CMT