Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance blends the conventional styles of dance (ballet, modern, jazz & hip hop) to exhibit more freedom of expression. Modern dance technique is at the base of this class. This style of dance is best studied in conjunction with ballet and jazz training to ensure a solid understanding of dance technique.

“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie.”

~ Agnes de Mille

Primary – ages 6-8

Mini – ages 9-11

Junior – ages 11+

Our Contemporary Dance Classes

Feel Grounding and Empowering

The exploration of floor work and the influence of gravity on movement adds another dimension to training and choreography. The class can be very physical and requires full body strength to move fluidly in connection with the floor. As a result students become more connected to their bodies and begin to take more risks to explore what they are capable of.

Celebrate the Freedom of Expression

The exploration of emotions and the flow of natural energy are at the center of this dance style and dancers are encouraged to bring their authenticity to execution of choreography. Rather than copy the teacher and try to make their body into a certain shape, dancers are taught to move from within and speak their own truth through their dancing.

Teach Appreciation for a Variety of Music

Dancers will be exposed to many types of music across genres and cultures. This brings an appreciation for new experiences and invokes an interest in new ways of thinking and interpreting experiences.

Stimulate Imagination and Fosters Creativity

Contemporary dance asks us to think outside the box. In addition to strengthening technical execution, students will also be introduced to movement sequences that challenge the traditional “rules” of dance. Changing directions, accenting different parts of music and inversion opens dancers to a whole new frontier in their dance training.


“In a world that can be so shut off from the arts, having a dance culture here in Vail is an inspiration to the community. Thank you for allowing our daughter Lauren the chance to participate in such an amazing expression of creativity that empowers her as a female and gives her a positive outlet. I have seen a growth in her confidence and how she views the world. We are excited to see what you have in store for us in the future (and hope to get our other daughter involved too)!”

~ The Meyers Clan