Ballet technique is the foundation of all modern dance styles. The classical training provides young dancers with a clear road map to learn and understand the proper mechanics of dance technique. Students of ballet will refine their movement and develop an appreciation for tradition.

“No one can arrive from being talented alone, work transforms talent into genius.”

~ Anna Pavlova

Primary – ages 6-8

Mini – ages 9-11

Junior – ages 11+

Our Ballet Classes

Increase Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Coordination

This improves physical performance in dance classes as well as increasing overall health, physical fitness and body image.

Develop Grace and Elegance

Students who study ballet become aware of their posture and learn to connect all parts of the body to create smooth transitions from one movement to the next.

Promote Concentration and Attention to Detail

Ballet class is an environment that motivates young dancers to pay close attention. Children must have clear focus to execute a dance combination properly and to connect their dancing to the music. Classical music, which is used in every class, has been proven to have a calming effect on the brain and aid concentration.

Teach Heightened Communication Skills

In ballet class we are always telling stories with our bodies so young dancers have the opportunity to express themselves with each exercise.

Expose Students to an Art Form with a Rich History

Ballet dancers have been practicing the same core of exercises for hundreds of years, so children can connect with something bigger than themselves.


“I just love this program because it is very inviting to everyone! What I find important as a parent is that my daughter walks away from her experiences a better person. At Gold Dust Dance she is happy in her classes and loves multiple styles of dance. She is also engaging with new friends and learns from instructors who are highly qualified, passionate and caring. Gold Dust Dance fits us perfectly!”

~ Natalie Martin