What makes Gold Dust Dance an exceptional place to dance?

We honor the whole child – body, mind and spirit

Dance amplifies child’s natural curiosity and joy

Besides being fun and great exercise, dance has the power to inspire. Watch as your child’s motivation, focus and creativity blossom when they begin to grasp dance technique and gain proficiency in their classes.

A right kind of dance class for each child

Our variety of classes ensures that each child can be in the right class(es) for them. Finding the right fit ensures that your child feels excited to come to class because they will love what they are learning. See their confidence soar as they achieve mastery in age appropriate challenges.

Flexible schedules and levels of commitment

We offer a variety of schedule options so whether your child chooses dance as their primary passion or just wants to supplement another sport or art form we can accommodate them. The benefits of dance multiply the more you dance, particularly building social skills and proficiency of technique.


“Gold Dust Dance is the place our daughter considers her home away from home. It is a place where all students feel welcome. There is something for EVERYONE! The studio environment is inclusive, even when a new student may not believe they can be a dancer. With the variety of styles, there is room for every student to find creative expression.”

~ Kim & Rick

Committed to quality classes & customer service

We play by The Golden Rule

You can expect clear communication from us, accuracy in billing, contracts, scheduling and consistent punctuality.

We value innovation and keepin’ it fresh!

This isn’t the dance studio you remember from your childhood. We are always learning and staying current so our classes are engaging and exciting and our choreography is relevant.

Our classes celebrate WE!

Gold Dust Dance is a place for cultivating friendships and building community. We love that the dance studio is a place to meet and connect with new friends from different schools and parts of the valley. Through dance students are able to get to know each other in an authentic way.

Sharing dance with outside community members

We understand that the theater isn’t the only place for dance to take place so we participate in various community performances throughout the school year. This is an opportunity for our students to gain performance experience while spreading the joy of dance within the community. It’s a win win for all involved!


“I love what you have created with The Gold Dust project!!! My daughter loves going to your class and the recital was so energizing!!!!!! So many different kids — all ages and abilities having so much fun!!”

~ Aryn S.

What’s in the name

Gold Dust Peak is one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the Vail Valley and choosing Gold Dust Dance for our studio name expresses our connection to and love for the place we live.

When watching a powerful dance performance it feels as if the dancer’s moves leave a trace of gold dust in space, by which they draw a story worth telling. In our teaching we support each student to express themselves authentically and tell their story through dance.